AT&T is bringing it all together for the customers, from the revolutionary iPhone to next-generation TV services and sophisticated solutions for multi-national businesses. For more than a century, AT&T has consistently provided innovative, reliable, high-quality products and services and excellent customer care. Today, AT&T's mission is to connect people with their world, everywhere they live and work, and do it better than anyone else. AT&T fulfilling this vision by creating new solutions for consumers and businesses and by driving innovation in the communications and entertainment industry. AT&T recognized as the leading worldwide provider of IP-based communications services to businesses and also the top U.S. provider of wireless, high speed Internet access, Wi-Fi, local and long distance voice, and directory publishing and advertising services.

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Calling Plan A (US LD only)   (Phone-To-Phone)

ATandT IP Flexible Reach (Calling Plan A) is a long dist...

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Free N/A $ 20.00
2 ATandT

Calling Plan B (Local and US LD)   (Phone-To-Phone)

Calling Plan B includes, in addition to what is included i...

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Free N/A $ 30.00
3 ATandT

Calling Plan C (Local and LD Package)   (Phone-To-Phone)

Calling Plan C includes:
300 minutes of Outbound Interstate (Inter- an...
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Free N/A $ 70.00
4 ATandT

Calling Plan D (ATandT IPTF)

Calling Plan D includes:

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Free N/A Pay per-call
5 ATandT

Calling Plan E (ATandT Voice DNA for Small Business Service only)

Calling Plan E includes:

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Free N/A $ 45.00
6 ATandT

ATandT U-Verse Voice Unlimited   (Phone-To-Phone)

ATandT U-verse Voice Unlimited
Provides unlimited calling withi...
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Free N/A $ 30.00
7 ATandT

ATandT U-Verse Voice 1000   (Phone-To-Phone)

ATandT U-verse Voice 1000
For just $25 per month, provides 1000...
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Free N/A $ 25.00
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ATandT TeleConference and Web Meeting   (PC-To-PC)

Types of TeleConference Calls and Prices

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Free N/A Pay per-call

ATandT Features

Bring your business to the next generation of converged communication services.  Enhance employee productivity, reduce operational expenses, and gain the efficiencies of a unified network with AT&T's business VoIP services. Covering corporate networks to branch offices to remote workers to call centers, our VoIP solutions are designed to help you achieve your business objectives at the pace you desire.

Network-based VoIP
Looking for the benefits of VoIP but want the lower up-front costs that can come by letting the network deliver the IP-based telephony features?

Premises-based VoIP
Do you prefer a more traditional customer premises equipment approach where you can elect to own and manage the IP Private Branch Exchange (PBX)?

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AT&T Nearing Completion of Program to Move 5,000 Outsourced Jobs Back In-House
6th February 2009
AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) announced that it has achieved a major milestone in its program to move some 5,000 high-tech jobs that had previously been outsourced ...

AT&T U-verse Voice, a New Kind of Home Phone Service, Launches in Greater Los Angeles
6th February 2009
AT&T U-verse is using the latest technology to revolutionize what Greater Los Angeles area consumers can do with their home phones. AT&T California t...

AT&T Selected as the No. 1 Organization for Multicultural Business Opportunities
6th February 2009
AT&T Inc. (NYSE:T) today announced that the company has been ranked No. 1 among\'s 2008 list of the Top Organizations for Multicult...

Fujitsu Signs AT&T Managed Networking Services Contract for Telepresence Deployment
6th February 2009
AT&T Business Solutions announced today that Fujitsu in North America has signed a two-year contract for a fully managed Internet Protocol Virtual Privat...

AT&T Business Solutions Positioned in Analyst Firm's Leaders Quadrant for Global Network Service Providers
5th February 2009
AT&T Business Solutions today announced that leading industry analyst firm Gartner, Inc. has positioned it in the Leaders Quadrant in their latest report...


You guys are the worst company i have ever had to deal with, can't believe you are still in business. I cant even give you a rating, because of your under-handed and sly ethics. Just terrible

stewart Atkins,21st August 2013

אני התקנתי את האפליקציה לאייפון שלי אבל זה כותב לי:an internet cotnocnien is requied to place free viber calls. check your cotnocnien and try again/place a regular call instead. מה אני אמור לעשות?

Amit,15th July 2013

I had no problem inalslting it on my Droid Charge. The sizing was right and it fit perfectly to my device. The steps I took to make sure that I wouldn't waste any of sheets were the following. 1) Find a clean surface to work in. Have a credit card or a smooth flexible plastic. Thoroughly wash your hands. 2) THOROUGHLY clean Droid Charge from fingerprints, smudges and small dust particles. I use packing tape to clean my phone. You can also use a clean lint-free fabric that you use to clean your eye-glasses or that came with your new LCD/Plasma screen. 3) Lay the unpeeled sheet over your Droid Charge to get the feel of the sizing. Be sure to check that the 2 cutout holes are removed. (top earpiece; bottom Home button) 4) The protector sheet is sandwiched between two outer sheets with one red label tape and the other a blue label tape. 5) The RED label tape should faced from the bottom side and the blue label tape top side. 6) For best result; I started to peel the protector sheet from the bottom end of the Charge where the HOME button is located; peeling a bc of the sheet (both bottom and top sheets) and aligning the sheet WITHOUT touching the exposed bottom sheet. 7) Start using your plastic card to take out the bubbles working first from the bottom the edge of the phone; then reversed your motion and VERY SLOWLY peel the outer sheets (bottom and top) working toward the top of the Charge while Simultaneously using your plastic card to smooth out the protector sheet at the center of the glass. After the protector sheet had been laid; if there are bubbles near at the edge, use the plastic card and smoothly push it toward the edge. It took me less than ten minutes; the result is stunning. I cannot tell that there is a protector sheet from looking at the front of the Charge.

Naomichi,15th July 2013

I would not do business with any corporation that promotes open homosexuals in the Boy Scouts of America. I say to the Scouts and people who disdain this immoral behavior not to do business with ATandT.

Keefe,31st January 2013

very very bad customer service. no cooperation with customer. not recommend for new customer. Please get verizon.

md,23rd November 2012
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